The agreement signed in November 2007 between Enel and EDF, allocates a 12.5% interest to Enel in the EPR Flamanville 3 reactor. In addition, Enel has deployed about sixty engineers who are actively involved in the Flamanville project at the heart of EDF engineering teams. It is from this context of long-term cooperation that Enel's participation in the project Penly 3 emerges, this will enhance its ability to supply its French customers with the least greenhouse gas emitting electricity possible.

Le Groupe Enel

Flamanville 3

The Flamanville 3 station is installed on a single site on the west coast of Cotentin, at the foot of a granite cliff that is 70 metres high.

Le Groupe Enel

Penly 3

The nuclear power plant in Penly is located in the communes of Saint-Martin-en-Campagne and Penly on the Channel coast.