A "dragonfly" in the wind

Inauguration in Rovereto of a wind turbine prototype that combines technological innovation with Italian design. It has a capacity of 55 kilowatts and can exploit even the lightest winds.

#Birth of the "Dragonfly", the wind turbine created
by Renzo Piano and Enel Green Power. Presented in Rovereto in the province of Trento
on 17 October, this wind turbine is a perfect combination of technology and design that fully blends in with the landscape for minimal environmental impact. The inauguration was attended by members of the local authority, including the President of the Trento Autonomous Province, but also by Lorenzo Dellai, M. Piano, architect creator of the turbine and Francesco Starace, CEO of Enel Green Power. "We were looking for
a new concept in wind turbines," explained Starace "one that would be sensitive to the more frequent low altitude winds in the area. We didn't just want a micro-turbine, but something innovative and modern with no negative impact on the landscape." Light materials with minimal environmental impact, such as carbon and polycarbonate, were therefore chosen. "Renzo Piano's Dragonfly - he added - is
an exact interpretation of our desire and its shape reminds us of something entirely natural, rather similar to a human being. We used research on new materials that
are even lighter and stronger and this new wind turbine started to take shape. "

Maximum performance

The wind turbine invented by Renzo Piano Building Workshop offers a capacity of
55 kW, with continuous output of electrical energy due to its ability to exploit winds as light as 2 metres per second. Renzo Piano, expressing his satisfaction, admitted
that there had been some initial difficulties on the project: "Drawing the prototype
was not easy, because it had be an element of a different system to those giants
of the past, based on enormous structures. To capture the wind continuously - Renzo Piano explained - the turbine's axis is horizontal and the height of the tower is 20 m, while the blade diameter does not exceed 16 m for a weight of about 60 kg."
As EGP's CEO explained, serial production for the Italian market "will be developed
at the end of the 12 months test phase in the Molinetto testing field near Pisa, home of Enel's research centre." And with regard to distribution, the innovative generator will be used for Enel Green Power Plants in Italy and abroad and will be marketed in Italy through the Enel.si grid. The dragonfly has taken off, and thanks to its size and style
it might also find a place to land among private individuals.