Code of Ethics

Le Groupe EnelIn Enel today we speak many different languages and embrace the cultures of the many different countries where we operate around the world.
Our realities, albeit different and often far away from each other, are united by a single business and inspired by ethical principles which are the same for everyone, no matter which Country we operate in. The Enel Group has therefore adopted a new Code of Ethics, a document which expresses the commitments and responsibilities associated with conducting company activities performed by all of us and our suppliers with regard to our stakeholders. The Code is the “behaviour manual” and the cornerstone of Enel's Corporate Social Responsibility: it has always been the centrepiece of our sustainability strategy and with this latest revision, has become a genuine form of 'identity card' for each one of us, men and women, in Enel and also for everyone who works with us. Everyone's constant commitment is therefore essential in order to make it truly 'effective', to promote awareness of the code itself and to facilitate its implementation, thereby contributing to the company's continuous efforts to achieve excellence. In this regard we wish to remind you that each one of us has specific channels available so that we can notify the competent bodies of possible behaviours which do not comply with the Code's principles and criteria of conduct. Such channels are also available to all our stakeholders. Being Enel means respecting and applying the principles and behaviours described by our Code of Ethics on a daily basis. Bringing such principles and behaviours to life is the essential element for the responsible growth of our Group, whose aim is to be one of the best examples of business ethics at the international level.